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Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good

Be good At BioPak we are dedicated to the environmentally responsible production, distribution, use and disposal of our products. It’s our mission to produce the most sustainable single-use food service disposable packaging made from sustainably sourced, rapidly renewable materials. We work together with all stakeholders to innovate and reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

Do good We provide businesses and consumers with a sanitary, convenient, functional, cost effective option to enjoy food on the go whilst simultaneously contributing to projects that give back to local communities and preserve and protect the environment.

Feel good The choices you make when it comes to packaging make a difference. Choosing BioPak products allows you to enjoy good food and feel good knowing that you are using the most sustainable disposable packaging available


The term biodegradable is often used by marketers to mislead consumers about the environmental benefit of
their products. Technically, biodegradable refers to anything that breaks into smaller and smaller pieces until
microorganisms can consume it. All BioPak compostable products are certified to compost in either a home or
commercial compost.
Unlike compostable products, there are no industry standards for what is and isn’t considered biodegradable.